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Vocal Services

Singer - Songwriter - Topliner, Singer - Female on SoundBetter

Sophia offers a range of vocal services and provides a one stop shop for anything related to singing. 

An established songwriter, Sophia has written many songs toplines working with music producers to compliment and complete their projects. Whether you have a seedling of an idea or a full instrumental that needs a melody and lyrics then Sophia is happy to help.For any topline or featured artist arrangements please get in touch with the team to discuss your ideas and requirements. 

Working as a session singer, Sophia has a lot of experience and can fulfil any project set for her. If you have any songs that need singing then Sophia will be able to tune into your vibe and provide vocals for your track. She also has access to a network of other professional singers should you wish an alternative sound. 

Singing lessons are available 1-2-1 or virtually, via Skype or Zoom sessions for those further away or who prefer the online option. She also runs a singing group called VIP Voicez for those that are more serious about their goals. Whether you need to learn to sing from scratch or develop your technique further, Sophia can help you to understand and control your voice and help you become a stronger singer.

Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

Featuring Artist & Toplines

Lyric & Melody – Lead Vocals – from £250
Lyric & Melody – Lead Vocals, BV’s/Harmonies – from £350 
Chorus Hook – Lyrics & Melody  – from £150
Chorus Hook – Lyrics & Melody, BV’s/Harmonies – from £175
Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio


Lyric Writing – from £250
Track Development – from £150
Melody Composition – from £150
Collaborations & Co-Writes – considered
Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

Custom Music

Wedding Songs: Full Song/Music – from £450
Birthday / Celebrations:  Full Song/Music – from £450
Corporate, Branded, Themes, Adverts, Promo – from £450
TV / Film: Instrumental/Vocal Composition – from £450
Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

Session Singer

Lead Vocals – from £150
BV’s & Harmonies – from £150
Live Performance – from £250
Vocal Samples – from £150
Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

Artist Development

Song Structuring
Track Development
Performance / Gig Prep
Online Marketing & Promotion
Singing Teacher Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

Singing Lessons & Vocal Coaching

1:2:1 Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching
Online Singing Lessons / Vocal Coaching
Performance & Stagecraft
VIP Voicez Singing Group

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes for sure, we have done this many many times. I love tuning into your project and helping it come to light. I have worked on pretty much most genres and would be happy to assist with any parts of the song, from lyrics, melody, instrumentation and vocals

Yes of course. I offer 3 revisions. The first being the general idea, sound and vibe of the track to make sure we are heading in the right direction and then once that’s decided and agreed we can move to the next stage of developing the track. once a complete demo has been created you will be sent a second draft for approval and then the final draft will be completed and then a final revision available.

The turn around can vary depending on the size of the project and if I have any large projects I’m working on at that time. 1-3 days can be achieved for a small project, 3-5 days for a medium size project and 7-14 days for a larger project.

Every project is different and once we have discussed your project we can make a plan that works best for you. I have provided vocals, toplines and lyrics for a range of clients. This can be in the form as a featuring artist or anonymous vocalist.

I have different types of agreements you can choose from depending on what you want for your song. You can choose a complete buyout and therefore I take no royalties of any future streams / downloads / plays / uses or we can do a combination project whereby you pay a smaller up front fee and we share the royalties. 

Yes, I have done this many times before and love working to a brief. Send me your project details and we can discuss your requirements.

Yes, I certainly can. I’d be happy to record your song for you for a one off session singer fee and no strings attached. You keep all of your royalties. 

Yes, I have written over 400 tracks. Some are released and some are held in our library for commercial use. I offer exclusive and non exclusive options.

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