About Sophia Stutchbury

About Sophia Stutchbury

Sophia has been singing and songwriting since she was a young girl. She had piano lessons from the age of 5 years old and her time at home was often spent writing songs and playing some covers of her favourite artists which include Michael Jackson, Dusty Springfield, James Brown, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and many more. 


She spent 7 years attending the Margaret Gilles School of Dance learning ballet, tap and modern dancing and performing in a number of regional shows. Sophia naturally chose music as one of her GCSE choices at secondary school and provided various performances in school plays along with being a soprano in the choir which got picked to sing Handel’s Messiah at The London Royal Albert Hall with the London Symphonic Orchestra which was broadcast on Radio 4 on Christmas Day.

She started taking her music seriously around 2008 when she started developing her songs and working with different music producers in Kent and London. She wrote across different genres such as House, Pop, Dance, Rock, Classical, Garage, Indie, Alternative Pop, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Hip Hop. The diversity of genres is something Sophia enjoys doing as she thrives on adapting to different moods, applications and demand. 


In 2009 she met music producer and now husband Tim Smith aka Technical Finger. They immediately bonded and worked professionally together for a couple of years before becoming an item. Tim produced Sophia’s first album “Project S” The album was released on all major music platforms and stores in 2014 and formed much of Sophia’s earlier live material.

She started gigging in various venues and events in various forms, either a live pa with DJ’s mixing in her tunes or by playing piano and singing and then later she started performing with an acoustic guitarist and then later a full band. 


In 2015 she met guitarist Colin Weir who quickly became like a brother and best friend to both Sophia and Tim.
Sophia and Colin gigged acoustically and Colin also became part of Sophia Syndicate which is Sophia’s other band made up of Sophia, Tim, Colin, Harry and Scott. Sophia’s Soul / Bluesy vibe, Tim’s Drum & Bass influence, Colin’s Rock style, Harry’s Punk Power and Scott’s EDM Prowess makes up an eclectic mix of sounds and Sophia Syndicate started releasing music that people loved to dance to.


Their fan base grew and gigs started coming, and they can be found on the festival and gig circuit across the UK and beyond.

Sophia’s dream had always been to have a full band behind her. So, this is what she did for her next project and set about writing her next album “Start Something”. She put together a band with 5 other musicians and herself to make a 6 piece band which includes a bassist, guitarist, pianist, drummer and saxophonist. She wrote the songs and then played them to the band to learn and prepare.


They recorded the album at Seaview Studio before her big album launch party on Sept 14th 2019 where over 300 people came to share the evening and enjoy the performance at The Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone, Kent – a well known music venue. The Start Something album continues to feature on radio playlists across the World, including a live performance on BBC Radio.

Following the success of the Start Something album, Sophia continues writing and releasing singles and music videos which can be found across all major music platforms and social media channels along with additional material for her other band Sophia Syndicate.

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