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Sophia Stutchbury – Singer Folkestone

Start Something

Start Something is the name of Sophia’s latest album and her message is clear! You can do anything you put your mind to if you want it badly enough. As far as we know, we only get one shot at life. There’s no training or dress rehearsal, no second take or editing. Many people expect you should follow the status quo but that can stop you pursuing who you really are and what makes you happy. You can do anything, you just have to make a start! Everyone deserves to live the life they want.


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Songwriting and singing are what drives Sophia and makes her tick. She enjoys collaborating with other singers, songwriters and artists in her home town of Folkestone, as well as working with various artists across the music scene and across the globe. She continues to work on exciting new projects independently and collaboratively. Check out some of her music videos.

Sophia has released and licenced tracks in multiple genres covering Pop, Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Hip Hop, Indie, Trip Hop, Dance, House, Garage, Drum & Bass, Dubstep, Country and Classical. Her music is released on all major platforms including iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Youtube, Soundcloud and more! Whether you want to jump up and party or relax and chill out, Sophia has tracks to suit your moods.

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