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Singing Lessons Folkestone

Singing Lessons Folkestone

Sophia’s love and passion for all things vocal became more evident as she developed as a singer and even more so when she had a scary experience of losing her voice. This was not caused from singing but from talking too loudly, having to pretty much shout over loud music and crowd noise at an event she was helping out at. As you can imagine, this shook Sophia up quite badly. She had to cancel her upcoming gigs and explain to her guitarist that she would be out of action for a while. This was a real blow to everyone concerned. It also scared Sophia as she had never really had any proper singing training, well not at least since her choir days.

This lead to Sophia researching and learning more about the voice, how it works, how to protect it and how to develop it. As she became more known as a singer she started to get requests from people for vocal coaching and singing lessons.
Sophia provides both 1:2:1 vocal coaching sessions at her recording studio Seaview Studio in Folkestone, Kent as well as online lessons. She also runs a singing group called VIP Voicez for those that want to take it to the next level.

Singing Lessons Folkestone - Seaview Music Studio

1-2-1 Singing Lesson

  • 30 Min = £17.50
  • 60 Min = £30.00
  • Breathing and Warming Up
  • Vocal Strength and Range
  • Pronunciation and Plosives
  • Projection
  • Microphone Technique
  • Performance and Confidence
  • Harmonies and Improvisation
Singing Lessons Folkestone 1-2-1 - Seaview Music Studio

1-2-1 Singing Course

  • 6 x 30 Min Sessions = £99
  • 6 x  60 Min Sessions = £160
  • Free 30 Min Consultation
  • Personalised Voice Assessment
  • Additional Resources
  • Grade Options 
Singing Lessons Folkestone - VIP Voicez

VIP Voicez

VIP Voicez is a unique, hand picked group for aspiring / experienced vocalists who are serious about singing. This group is for singers who are at a more advanced level with their voice and their goals.

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"Sophia is such a lovely lady who I enjoy talking with and learning from"
Rebecca - Testimonial Singing Lessons Folkestone - Seaview Studio
Rebecca Bird
Folkestone, Kent
"I have really enjoyed being coached by Sophia. She is an amazingly talented and committed person who is full of energy and encouragement."
Cherry - Testimonial Singing Lessons Folkestone - Seaview Studio
Cherry Kelland
Folkestone, Kent
“Sophia is a great vocal coach, you will learn a lot from Sophia"
Lucie - Testimonial Singing Lessons Folkestone - Seaview Studio
Lucie Harman
Folkestone, Kent


Most frequent questions and answers

Every student is different however we find that a good age to start is 6+ but anyone younger than this that is super keen, focused and committed can be considered. There is no upper age limit.

Sessions are held in the vocal studio within Seaview Studio on Dover Road in Folkestone, Kent. Online options are also available for those further away.

We are partnered with RSL Awards and hold exams at our studio regularly and if you would like to obtain grades then we can work towards that. If this is a little overwhelming at first then please do not worry. You absolutely don’t have to take any exams. These are your lessons and it’s important we focus on the results you want. If that’s just regular lessons then that’s fine. Exams can be considered at a later stage.

Many people are in this situation and there’s only one place to start,- at the beginning. I want happy customers so would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable. My aim is to make you feel at ease and inspired to grow your vocals. All sessions are tailored to your needs and we take it as slow or as fast as you would like.

For 1:2:1 lessons you don’t need to audition for 1:2:1 sessions as I cater for all levels and abilities. You only need to audition for my VIP Voicez singing group. You may decide you want to join this group or choose to stay with 1:2:1 sessions.

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